Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tribute to Paris

I woke up this morning reflecting on my Thanksgiving holiday; the ability to enjoy quality time with my family and friends, and most importantly, giving thanks to God for everything I have been blessed with in this life that I am fortunate to call my own.  As I managed to get my day going, I tuned on the TV to see news coverage of French President Francois Hollande leading a tribute to the 130 victims of the Paris terror attacks:

“These women and men were the youth of France,” he said. “We will carry this fight until the end by being faithful to the idea of France: The art of living, togetherness, commitment to secularism, a confidence in our collective destiny.”

After viewing this tribute and hearing the above words, I decided to make my first post an homage to a city my husband and I love to visit, the City of Lights.  As President Hollande alluded, Parisians make living look like art.  Fashion is one of the preeminent ways that they accomplish this – their seemingly effortless style inspires me to elevate my own aesthetic sensibility.  The resulting outfits was one of my many attempts to do so.  I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to sharing my perspective with all of you. 


Loving Paris
Waiting for the train in Gare du Nord


  1. So sweet to give a tribute to Paris! It is so sad to think this all happened, especially so close to Thanksgiving. I have yet to visit the city of Paris, but want to so, so badly! I know just from photos it is a beautiful place, so I can only imagine how amazing it all is in person <3

    1. Thanks! I hope you get a chance to visit soon -- if you do, I'm happy to share a list of our favorite shops/bars/restaurants.