Tuesday, January 12, 2016



 I hate the first week of January; in fact, I think it’s the absolute worst week of the entire year.  Not only are the holidays over and I'm left with frigid weather, but I have to “celebrate” both New Years and my birthday that week – both of which compel uncomfortable introspection as I look back on the resolutions I failed to accomplish during the prior year.  Unfortunately, as I get older, it gets worse (I’m not usually this dark, I promise!).  I decided this year, however, that I refuse to be disappointed in myself in 2016, so I’m only creating resolutions that are both easy to accomplish and enjoyable.  I clearly have no qualms simply lowering the bar for myself.   Some of these resolutions might take me slightly out of my comfort zone, but none will be the painful type I have typically promised myself in the past (run 25 miles per week, eat less dessert, learn French, etc).  Here are 2 of my resolutions for 2016:

        (1)    Host more social events at my home.  I really enjoy intimate socializing and that can be difficult at overcrowded NYC restaurants/bars.  My husband and I always talk about having friends over more often, but then I get overwhelmed worrying about who to invite, what to feed them, what music to play, etc.  I realize that this is my own insecurity and that my friends don’t actually care about what types of flowers I have selected or whether we’re eating on fine china or paper plates.  I’m going to start hosting more informal events, such as casual dinners or game nights.  I’m already working towards achieving this goal – my husband and I hosted a few close friends on NYE at the shore (pictures below), and my next event will be the puppy shower I’m throwing in February to introduce all of our friends to our new Bernese Mountain dog, arriving Jan 30th!

         (2)    Wear more color! I’m most comfortable wearing clothes that don’t call a lot attention to me, so I tend to select neutral color palettes – white, black, beige, camel, brown, navy, ivory, etc.  I absolutely love a monochromatic look with neutral colors – it’s like chic camo to me and I’m convinced I can blend into a wall if I like.  With that said, I really admire women who amp up their outfits with colorful accessories. Whether it’s floral scarves or colorful shoes, these women look so put together and SO CONFIDENT! Unfortunately, my NYE outfit below does not meet my new fashion goal – white shirt, black pants, black shoes – but I’ll aim to do better!  

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