Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Repeat Mondays"

Last year on vacation, my husband and I watched a marathon session of those home renovation shows and thought - we could do that!  We should do that!  A year later, I can report that I lost my patience, the budget, my sanity, and we aren't even done yet.  Close though, and get out what you put in, applicable to every aspect of life.  It would be easy to park myself at home and study the wood floor stain.  Does it need more orange?  Brown?  But, time waits for no man and women have long known - ain't nobody got time for that.  Giving a thumbs up on the new stain matching the original old floors, it was time to dart to an industry chapter meeting downtown.  It was a "repeat Monday," aka crazy, and I wanted my daughters to know that in the midst of this whirlwind I have not and never will forget that they are my center.  Since they are young, I try to personify that mantra.  I love wearing bead necklaces my daughters have strung together, and I select patterns and motifs that personify not only the latest trend I am eyeing on a fashion blog, but also what is trending in the lives of the ones I love.  We are currently fascinated with birds, so I found a lovely pair of gold feather earrings, and a fun pattern dress with white birds swirling.  When I look at it I think, "I know the feeling!"  It can alternately feel like flying and diving and picking yourself up again.  Fashion that inspires certainly gives a boost to any Repeat Monday. 


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